Baby Carrot & Tops ( BCT ), are available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Our Rainbow Range are available in either 200g punnet or per kg and different sizes are available to Caterers or Hotel Suppliers.

Baby Beetroot are available with or without a stem and comes in different sizes to suit your specific needs. Packaging differs from customer to customer. Please enquire when placing your order.

Baby Leeks can be packed in punnets or made in bunches. Punnets are 200g each. Different sizes can be used depending on your specs.

We also do Mini Kholrabi for our export range.

Golden Beetroot is available in bunches aswell as in Exotic Variety with Red, Golden and Candy Stripe mixed in either a punnet or in bunches.

Candy Stripe Beetroot is perfect for cooking, salads or garnish. Available in different sizes and packaging to suit your needs.

Baby Carrots ( without Tops ) 200g / 300g

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Rainbow Radish comes in Bunches or Punnets

Micro Turnips

Micro Beetroot Red